an unsolved pilot fate 

For a couple of years I have been occupied in the fate of a German pilot.  His Jet got shot down on April 21th 1945 near Klötze/Kusey (Germany). It is said that the attack came from the 559th Flightdefense Battalion - 559th AAA (AW) Bn - of the US-Army.

The Jet, a Messerschmitt Me 262 of JG-7 with the fabric number 501 221 and the code "Gelbe 3" (Yellow 3) was able to make a forced landing on a field that day in 1945. I was not able to find out anything about what happend to the pilot. The German authorities are not helpng me to find out what happened.

From American Sources I was able to find out that the Jet was shot down, regarding to “Journal from 210001 April 45 to 212400 Place APO 339 US Army: 1645 - ME 262 - LOW - EAST - STRAFING - C BTRY - 31 - 33 - KUSEY - NONE - 1 CAT I - 14/40 MM - 700/50 CAL. 1740 - COL BAKER TO CRASH - COL BAKER RETORNED TO CP.”The fellows of the 559th AAA (AW) Bn confirm that the plane was shot down by the crew of Ralph Vito Caputo. The crew got a bottle of Scotch for these first success over a Me 262. It is also said that the pilot of the German Jet was arrested by American soldiers.

Now there are still some open questions:
1: Are there still pictures of Caputo, his comrades and the used equipment? 
2: Which parts of the German Jet, which were taken, are still existing? 
3: Which unit arrested and questioned the German pilot? 
4: What was his name and when was he set free?

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